The following is a list of questions commonly asked about the site and what it is I do here!

+ When I ask for advice, is my information anonymous?
Absolutely! When you submit a request for advice, you don’t have to provide your real name and even if you did, I would never publish it or share your personal information with anyone! The aim of this site was to be able to give you a safe place to find help and get answers to your questions! If you’re concerned about your privacy, don’t provide your real names  and use a temporary email account such as this one: https://meltmail.com/
+ What are your qualifications?
If you’re asking whether I’m a certified counselor, PhD or psychologist…the answer is no! What I am is a daughter, mother and wife with a lot of life experience and a healthy dose of common sense which, in my opinion, finds me more than qualified to dispense advice for common life issues.
+ Do you accept submissions?
If you have some great tips you’d like to contribute, I’ll be more than happy to share them on the site! Tips, funny photos, links, suggestions – send me an email! I want to hear from you!



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