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Published on June 18th, 2013 | by Peggy


Are You a Good Friend?

I am fortunate.  There.  I said it.  Now I need to find a block of wood and knock on it because I most certainly just jinxed myself out of all my good fortune.

I have friends.  Best friends, good friends, party friends, coffee friends and acquaintances.  I may even have friends who are “suspect” enough to bury evidence in a pinch…kidding of course.

But am I a good friend?  It’s a question I ask myself often.  I know I try to be, but sometimes I get so busy with life in general I can’t find the time, I wish I had more time to see all the people I love.  And that’s a struggle for me because I’m a people pleaser.

So it got me thinking, what makes a good friend?  Here’s my list…

  1. Honesty (to a point).  Little white lies to keep the peace is not a terrible thing.  Just sayin’.
  2. Laughter-Those who laugh together bond at a deeper level.
  3. Common interests-Lets just say, if you are musically inclined we’ll get along just fine.
  4. Differences of opinion-If friends can keep the arguing to a minimum, it can be loads of fun having a conversation with a friend that has different ideas than you.
  5. Compromise-Sometimes friends have to get out of their comfort zone and let someone else pick the restaurant or hotel or vacation spot.
  6. Silliness-Acting young at times, keeps you young.  Find friends that know and appreciate that.
  7. Loyalty-They don’t talk smack about you behind your back, they say it to your face.
  8. You fight fair-Friends should have the occasional argument, keep it sane.
  9. Openness-Break down those walls and let people in, believe me, a beautiful thing happens.
  10. Call first-Let your friends know you’re thinking of them.  Call them, stop texting.  Texting is ok if you’re in touch regularly.  A routine call (even if it’s short and sweet) is a simple gesture that solidifies your relationship and lets the other person know you’re willing to put in the time.
  11. Hug-Even if it’s once a year.  Get into their personal space and make them uncomfortable.

Do you have a “what makes a good friend” list?  What’s on your list?  Are you a good friend?


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2 Responses to Are You a Good Friend?

  1. Tanya Nesterenko says:

    Hey can you get me linked in or on your list. Love what you write. Just to think that it started with the Tribune!

    • Peggy says:

      Our early years of writing for the community paper. I miss our time together, and I think of you often Tanya. I will send you a page invite asap…

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