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Published on March 13th, 2013 | by Peggy



I can feel it…spring is right around the corner.  Gone are the dark days of winter along with that feeling of wanting to hibernate and not leave the house.  For those of you who know me personally…you know I strongly dislike (I’m trying not to use the word hate…lol) the winter months.  It doesn’t bring out the best in me…it never has.

Now Spring…ahh, I LOVE that season…It’s an opportunity to reassess a few issues I may have shelved during the winter.  With this new found spark, I’m about to tidy up some things that have fallen by the wayside the past little while.

I’m going to clean my windows and screens and tackle walls and ceilings.  I’ll be pulling out all of the junk in my spice/baking cupboard and pitching what I don’t use and organizing what I do.  Furniture will get moved and winter clothing will be put in storage.  Out comes the cute summer jackets I’ve missed and the summer clothes I desperately hope I still fit in to.  My office will get reorganized and I’ll be sending my car into the shop for it’s spring tune up and in/out cleaning.

I may get a cute new haircut and a spring shopping trip is definitely in order.  I’ll order my first pogo with mustard, those who live in my area know this is a “rite of spring” ritual.  I’ll change up my daily exercise schedule and add more outdoor activity.

I’ll start reading and writing because I feel those creative juices flowing. I’ve also started singing again and even recorded some pretty solid tracks.  You see, I’ve been in a winter slump and it’s time to wake up get busy.

I’m also cleaning up my relationships/friendships.  I have neglected some people that I should be reconnecting with.  I need to invest the time to make that phone call or drop by for coffee or meet for lunch.  I will be changing up my priorities, because some are getting attention they don’t deserve, and will be dropping off my list.  Only those who have my back or my best interests at heart will get the same from me moving forward.  Those who I need to mend fences with will be getting my undivided attention in the coming days/weeks/months.  Spring has shed the light I needed to notice what truly matters.

I encourage you to do some spring cleaning too.  Find that energy and positivity that enables you to do amazing things.  I truly believe what you put out into the world is what you get back.  I sense great things on the horizon…do you?



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