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Published on January 28th, 2013 | by Peggy


Treating Your Skin with a Little Respect

The skin is a truly miraculous thing.  It covers and protects the body from infection, injury, and water loss as well as regulating body temperature.  It provides you with the sense of touch and also produces Vitamin D.  The list goes on and on, yet we have a tendency to forget it needs care and protection.

In recent years I’ve noticed my skin is getting better, due in part, to me treating it with a little more respect than I did in my younger days.  I use quality products both on my body and my face, and  it has resulted in softer, more youthful looking skin.

Now when I say “quality products”, that doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.  Some pricey creams are just that…pricey.  Many times, they don’t work any better than a mid-priced cream or serum, but it took me a couple of years to figure that one out.

It’s difficult for me to recommend a particular cream to my readers because choosing a skin care product is a very personalized process and we all need different things at different stages in our lives.  What works best during the winter months for me, is very different than what I wear during the summer, and so on and so forth.  See how confusing this can get!

Trial and error works when searching for skin care products or you can visit an esthetician, get a series of facials and she will tell you what kind of skin you have and what you need.  If you have problem skin a dermatologist can be a valuable friend.

There’s also nothing wrong with asking for a sample of a cream you’d like to try.  Maybe they have a sample size behind the counter or they’re willing to open up a tube and give you a few days to try.  You’ll never know unless you ask.

Here are a few simple tips on taking care of your skin:

  1. Apply body cream as soon as you exit the shower or bath, don’t wait.  Your skin will absorb the moisture and cream more efficiently.
  2. Apply a day cream with an SPF of 15 or more, even if it’s overcast.  The sun is enemy #1 to your skin, you need to protect yourself from it’s harsh rays.
  3. Wash your face before going to bed.  Remove all dirt and makeup.
  4. Apply a night cream if you’re middle-aged or older.  It’s not that you can’t use it in your younger days, you most certainly can.  But when the wrinkles start, nighttime is when your skin repairs itself and a good cream will help with the aging process.  Night creams are thicker than day creams, so I suggest you use a different cream for daytime, unless you like that greasy look.
  5. Invest in a good eye cream or serum because the delicate skin around your eyes needs different care than the rest of your face.
  6. Protect your lips.  Wear a balm or gloss or lipstick that has SPF of 15 or higher as well.
  7. Apply any and all face cream to your neck and decolletage.  Regular body cream should be reserved for the rest of the body, not these areas.
  8. Invest in a good hand cream and have a tub at home and a travel size for your purse or glove compartment.

I’d like to hear from you regarding this subject.  What tricks of the trade have worked for you.  What products would you recommend to the group?

If you take care of your skin, it will take care of you.


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