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Published on December 11th, 2012 | by Peggy


Real Love

Dear Peggy,

I recently reconnected with this guy I used to date a few years back.  I am really enjoying our time together and fear I may be falling in love with him.  How will I know he feels the same?

Looking for Love


Dear Looking,

Some of the answers you’re looking for lie in the past.  Why did this relationship not work the first time?  Are those issues still a concern this time around?  Once you find those answers, it will be easier to spot love this time around.

Here’s my theory on love…but keep in mind, not everyone feels or exhibits love the same way.  You may have to watch him closely to pick up on “love cues”, especially if he has a hard time opening up, as many men do.

Real love commits. Real love doesn’t lie, goes to work every day and looks for you in a crowd, instead of scanning for a better option.  Real love doesn’t notice the extra 20 lbs when he looks in your eyes and kisses you like you’re sixteen again.  Real love cries when you’re hurt and rejoices with your successes.  Real love takes courage and strength, because sometimes real love will waiver but never falter.  Real love won’t cheat or deceive, real love will share in the good times and the bad.  Real love has a face that lights up when you enter a room and real love doesn’t make you work hard everyday to sustain it.  Real love feels like being home.  That safe place to sit back and relax and be yourself.  That’s what real love looks like.

I attached a picture of the president and his wife.  It was easy to find hundreds of shots of him gazing at her with “that” look.  They are connected and it’s obvious, very much in love.

If you know in your heart this guy has the potential to be “The One”…take some time over the next couple of months and watch the way he watches you.  He may say all the right things, but you’ll know soon enough if you rock his world.  I’m rooting for you…good luck!

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  1. TJ Quesnel says:

    Thank god love doesn’t notice the extra 20 lbs….

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