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Published on November 19th, 2012 | by Peggy


Should I be worried?

Dear Peggy,

I Just want to tell you that I love your site! It is an amazing source of information.  I will be dropping by often to see what’s new
But maybe you can help me –
If you have a swollen and tender breast – all the tests came normal – no lump at least – but swelling and tenderness is still there.  What can it be -it’s freaking me right out!


Dear Worried,

I’m thrilled you love the website and even more pleased you have reached out to me regarding this very personal issue.  I want to remind you, I won’t be offering you medical advice, it’s best to speak with your doctor concerning issues you are experiencing, but lets see what we can cover together so you’re armed with information when you head back to his/her office.

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to over research things when it comes to health questions.  Every lump, bump and rash “could” be something serious, and if I believed everything I read online, I should have been buried years ago.  Don’t take anything you read online to the bank, and that includes anything I’m about to share with you.

Call the office and make another appointment and decide on a plan of action that you both agree upon.  You’re not comfortable with the unanswered questions, and that’s enough of a reason to see the doctor again.

I’m relieved to hear all your tests came back normal and that you don’t have a lump, that being said, that test result is just one piece of the puzzle.  You’re still dealing with the swelling and tenderness and your inner voice is telling you something isn’t right.  Go with your gut on this one.  After doing some research of my own and asking a few of my lady friends if they’ve ever experienced this sort of issue, I was surprised to discover some had this happen to them.  Of the handful of woman I talked to about having anything amiss with their breasts, every single one could recall a time things just didn’t feel right.  And after visiting their doctor and getting a diagnosis, not one of these ladies had the same thing going on, even though the symptoms all sounded somewhat similar. From what they shared with me,  it could be hormonal, an infection or a condition called fibrocystic breast disease. 

So call your doctor and tell him/her you’re still worried, you deserve answers sooner, rather than later.  There is no better advocate for your health, than you!  Please send me an update, I would love to hear from you again.

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